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Stephen Tromans KC

Spotlight of the Month

Law & Art presents art made by lawyers from around the world, and turns the spotlight on one new lawyer artist each month. This February, discover the work of Stephen Tromans, barrister and King's Counsel specialised in environmental and energy law by day, and accomplished artist by night. 

Stephen's Story

Stephen is a barrister and King’s Counsel, a member of 39 Essex Chambers, where he was formerly joint head of chambers. His area of practice is primarily
environmental and energy law and during his career he has been involved in many of the leading cases and most significant projects in these fields. He is a member of the UK Committee on Radioactive Waste Management, which advises the

Having been interested in drawing all his life, Stephen began to paint seriously in oils in 2014, with tuition at the Norfolk Painting School under well-known artist and teacher Martin Kinnear. His style has evolved over the years from traditional
landscape painting in oils, through to more abstract and figurative work, sometimes deploying mixed media. He remains of the view however, that oil paint offers greater possibilities of subtlety in creating effects of light and atmosphere than other media.

His studies at NPS culminated in a Diploma in oil painting, completed successfully in 2018. Since then he has exhibited and sold work at exhibitions such as Cambridge Open Studios, Cambridge Drawing Society, and The Gallery at Holt, Norfolk. His current portfolio of work includes portraits, pub scenes, seascapes, mountains, and cityscapes. He has also painted a number of religious works, including a one-man exhibition in 2023 in The Lady Chapel at Ely Cathedral, based on the war in Ukraine. He has also undertaken a number of commissions.

Stephen seeks in his work to convey emotion and to give the viewer imaginative
space to enter into the image.

Stephen's Work

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