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Patrick O'Shea

Spotlight of the Month

Law & Art presents art made by lawyers from around the world, and turns the spotlight on one new lawyer artist each month.  This April, Law & Art is delighted to invite a guest from a different branch of the law, photographer and scrivener notary Patrick O'Shea.


Patrick's Story

Patrick is a British street photographer, capturing candid moments in London. By day he is a Scrivener Notary specialising in Italian and Spanish cross-border transactions at De Pinna Notaries in the City of London. Patrick’s job requires him to travel from client to client across London and beyond, often on his bike with camera in hand (when safe to do so!). Patrick is drawn to those fleeting moments, invariably with a human element.

Patrick O’Shea grew up with British parents on a flower farm in Gran Canaria, Spain. He moved to the UK for university where his love for photography was sparked when working part time at a retail photographic services franchise. Patrick was initially a purist: shooting only on 35mm film cameras. Recently however, the draw of smaller, pocket-able digital rangefinder cameras has won him over.


Patrick is continually inspired by the photographic masters of old, such as Vivian Maier and Elliot Erwitt. Their ability to record history with such beauty is ceaselessly captivating to him. Patrick aspires to capture the ethereal, nostalgia of life in the City. 


Patrick is forever fascinated with London, its people and energy. Living centrally, he has seen how rapidly the City of London has changed, but still maintains its unique character. Seeking to capture and bottle this any way he can, his compositions attempt to record a slice in London’s history; unique, unrepeatable moments.

Patrick's Work

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