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Oliver Lenaerts

Spotlight of the Month

Law & Art presents art made by lawyers from around the world, and turns the spotlight on one new lawyer artist each month.  As winter approaches, discover the pieces of Oliver Lenaerts, Brussels-based litigator in art law by day, and artist by night.

artlaw in sign language_edited.jpg

Oliver's Story

After legal studies in both Belgium and France, Oliver Lenaerts chose to specialise in art law. He currently practices in Brussels, where he represents art galleries, artists, collectors and museums. In addition to his daily practice, Oliver also teaches art law and has written several academic publications on the topic. He is the author of a book on the legal ramifications of an artwork as an object of property.

Aside from his legal practice, Oliver moonlights as an artist. In the past few years, he has exhibited his work in art galleries, several law firms, and even a museum. Drawing from images and text, his art focuses on the relationship between contemporary art and law, from an analogical point of view. Oliver explains: "as you'll see from this Spotlight, the juxtaposition of text and image creates a conceptual tension - it is not clear which describes the other, only that they both participate in the artistic process."

Oliver's Work

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