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Suzanne Labi

Spotlight of May 2022

Law & Art presents art made by lawyers from around the world, and turns the spotlight on one new lawyer artist each month. This May, discover the work of Suzanne Labi, international disputes lawyer by day and artist by night.


Suzanne's Story

Based in London, Suzanne is an international disputes specialist at Winston & Strawn London LLP. In parallel to her legal practice, Suzanne developed her skills in drawing and painting using a specific art medium: pastels. Pastels provide Suzanne with the flexibility she needs to draw in different locations while working with a broad range of colours. Pastels also force her to make bold choices with colour because they cannot be mixed.

As London emerged from its first lockdown in May 2020, Suzanne decided to draw portraits of her friends as a way to reconnect with them after having spent some time apart: her portrait series "Yellow" was born. Suzanne's use of bright and incisive colours makes her portraits uniquely recognisable: shades of purple, pink and blue adorn a person's hair while their skin is marked with different shades of yellow, orange, fuchsia and brown. 

Suzanne continues to develop her works, using her skills to capture different scenes of life and drawing the viewer's focus both to the individual at the centre of the pieces and to the detailed backgrounds which complete her pieces. 

Suzanne's Work

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