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Jason Fry

Spotlight of the Month

Law & Art presents art made by lawyers from around the world, and turns the spotlight on one new lawyer artist each month. As summer begins, discover the work of Jason Fry QC, global co-head of Clifford Chance's International Arbitration Group by day, and drawer and painter by night.


Jason's Story

Based in Paris, Jason is the global co-head of Clifford Chance's International Arbitration Group. In parallel to his legal practice, Jason has developed a passion for the arts, and drawing and painting in particular. When asked about his path to fine arts, Jason explains: 

"I have always been drawn towards the arts. When I was young, at school and at university, it was the theatre. My parents were enthusiastic lovers of music and theatre, and our home was always full of interesting people, artists among them. My own love affair with fine art started when I moved to Paris in 1994, I spent much of my spare time with my wife - as newlyweds - exploring the Musée d'Orsay, the Louvre, Musée Marmottan and marvelling at Paris' Haussmannian architecture. Visits to New York took us to the Guggenheim, the Met and the Frick Collection. Inspired by what I saw, I thought I would try it for myself and so I started painting and drawing. But, life as a an associate, a father and then as partner in an international law firm put paid to my aspirations as a budding artist for quite some years. I kept a sketch book but only started drawing and painting again about two years ago and have sought to combine that interest with another of mine, the sea and passion for sailing. I prefer a realistic style, but with a hint of something else through the bold choice of colour. I don't profess to be very good, as I am self-taught, but I hope that with a little persistence I can improve. Painting and drawing is a great moment of mindfulness in an otherwise hectic schedule."

Jason's Work

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