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Davy Aouizerate

Spotlight of the Month

Law & Art presents art made by lawyers from around the world, and turns the spotlight on one new lawyer artist each month.  This June, discover the humorous and satirical drawings of Davy Aouizerate, Parisian lawyer specialised in commercial and real estate law by day, and artist by night.

AVOCATE sur le fil1024_1_edited.jpg

Davy's Story

 Davy Aouizerate holds a doctorate in law, is a member of the Paris Bar and is a great enthusiast of press cartoons. 


In court, as in his office, he never misses an opportunity to draw his professional environment, clients, lawyers or judges. He draws with whatever is at hand, usually a simple felt-tip pen, but he also likes to use watercolors.


Above all, he seeks to transcribe the funniest and most unusual situations in his drawings. His humorous, sometimes satirical drawings of the legal world are often timeless and universal. He tries to transport the reader into his professional world, to decode jargon, to counter stereotypes, to sketch the actors and the funniest, most incongruous scenes.

For Davy, drawing is a joyful outlet which allows him to distance himself from a judicial world that is often austere and confrontational by nature. Davy explains: "For me, a good drawing is worth more than a long speech!"

Davy's Work

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