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Fazila Amber

Spotlight of the Month

Law & Art presents art made by lawyers from around the world, and turns the spotlight on one new lawyer artist each month.  This May, discover the thought-provoking work of Fazila Amber, litigator in Pakistan by day and multi-disciplinary artist by night.

Fazila's Story

 Fazila is a Partner & Co-founding member at the law firm PrimeLegalCo in Pakistan. She practices as a Corporate, Commercial & Employment Laws litigator in the High Courts of Pakistan. Along with her legal practice, she is a self-taught painter and a conceptual photographer. 

Fazila explains: "Most of my artwork portrays the unchartered and forbidden fabric of society, specifically focusing on cultural versus moral dilemmas and socio, political and economic issues. Alongside my legal background, painting has become a part of my life, and taking it all out on the canvas helps me: it has become my conscious way of sublimating the distress that comes as an occupational hazard to a female lawyer."


Although Fazila initially painted using oil paints, which were introduced to her by her father, she decided during Covid to explore another medium and opted for watercolour. "It wasn't a piece of cake initially", she explains, "it took me some time to understand the science behind it (before I got to the art of it). Now I enjoy the said medium and keep mother earth happy as it is eco-friendly".

In addition to painting, Fazila is an avid photographer – her photography in Culture and Heritage has been recognized nationally – and a writer, regularly writing for Daily Times Pakistan and the international women empowerment forum, Obaa.

Fazila's Work

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